A Good Day
is a Creative Day

UX & UI Design

Some critical thinking and a bit of common sense.

Critical thinking, a bit of common sense, clean design, and a dash of efficient CSS should do it.


Simple, clean design meeting user needs.


Semantic, efficient, and responsive.

A Sort of Origin Story

The short story is that very long ago I had hopes to be a traditional artist, but as you might have guessed, became hopelessly sidetracked by the digital world. And so along this meadering path there have been many stops: I have freelanced as an illustrator; dabbled in e–learning when it was all via CD–ROM; been thrown into the deep end of HTML and its unforgiving tables; reluctantly tried something called CSS only to fall madly in love with it — don't tell my wife; and eventually was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had always been moving toward User Experience Design.

Contact Info

You can reach me via LinkedIn. That's probably easiest and best.