Eleven Peppers

Provided UX guidance for enterprise software, meeting complex logistical needs and specialized use-cases. Crafted custom WordPress site for corporate entity. Created branding to honor the history, value, and scope of their work.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Crafted visual layouts and graphic elements for Flash-based training modules, including photographic editing and text treatments.

ADG Creative

In 2011 I was offered a full-time position having already completed 6 months as an on-site contractor. For over three years I have been an integral part of the Development team, translating the beautiful work of graphic designers into a solid foundation of HTML and CSS upon which programmers work their magic. Incidentally, a programmer friend outside the company recently remarked that he looked upon the work I do as witchcraft. And to that I could only reply that I had always looked upon his work as a programmer as wizardry. The two disciplines need each other.

Freelancing Freedom

From 2005-2010 I freelanced as a website developer, designer, illustrator and portrait artist. Freelancing had its pitfalls, of course, but I enjoyed the creative freedom and opportunities to learn. It was great being at home near my wife and children. And the morning commute could not have been better.


In 2000 I was hired as an illustrator and Flash animator by a small company in Fells Point, Baltimore. Oddly enough, I did neither of those things during my time there. Instead I learned HTML, became close pals with Photoshop, and designed and built websites for automotive dealerships. XIGroup carved out a niche in the automotive realm and was later bought by Dominion Dealer Solutions.

Artistic Foundations

After high school graduation my intention was to be a painter (see my portraits). This was largely due to my admiration for David Zuccarini who had been my mentor throughout high school. However, for good or bad, practical thinking led me to the graphic design program at Catonsville Community College (now CCBC). The two-year degree turned out to be something of a dead end so I went on to earn a BFA in Illustration at the University at Buffalo where I studied under the late Alan Cober.